About Me

Edalin is here!

I have been a freelance photographer for 5 years. Photography is my passion. I have a keen eye for detail and the unusual. It is my ideal job working with my favorite subject - food. I like to work in natural light, but I am adaptable and knowledgeable enough to use many types of surrounding. The trick is not eating all the food before taking the picture!

The star of the show is the food. So, I like to show it by making the most of the vibrant natural colors that food has to offer enhanced by it's presentation, something, I believe, all chefs have in mind when preparing food.

Every restaurateur wants to present their menu in it's best way. Therefore, working with the whole team, from preparation chef to waiter, is a "must do" to create the right images both in mind and on the plate.

I am always curious about new avenues of using my skills as a photographer. My skills and enthusiasm for taking pictures of food are ideal for presenting cookery books, magazine articles, point of sale material to name a few.

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